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HR Admin Service

HR is going to be busier than ever in 2022

The great resignation is causing small business a lot of headaches; with staff coming and going, new regulations and staff wellbeing to consider, HR is busier than ever and so we launched our HR Admin service, Cleardecks for SMEs.

How Cleardecks can help

If you are looking for an easier way to manage your HR, our Cleardecks service plan is great value and ideal for small business.


The Cleardecks team can manage all your HR admin every week so you can get on with business happy in the knowledge that your experienced HR admin will care for your staff as if they were her own. 

We take care of your essential HR admin...


  • Personnel records 

  • Letters, queries, legal updates 

  • Starters and leavers 

  • Contracts & Policies

  • Training planner and

  • HR & Payroll reports

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Your Cleardecks HR administrator manages your account including documents & reports on the secure Eledecks portal; trains your staff how to use the mobile apps for requesting leave and viewing documents; and shows your managers how to login for managing routine procedures on the move.

Plus if your staff or managers have questions your Cleardecks assistant can be their first point of contact, on hand to provide accurate and helpful answers to keep your business wheels turning without a hitch. 


The Cleardecks plan is simply great value at £10 per employee per month with flexible contracts!

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The Cleardecks team

The Cleardecks team is led by Eledecks CEO, Carolyn Mumby, non-practising barrister, certified Agile HR practitioner and Associate CIPD member. Carolyn has over 20 years experience in employment law and HR consultancy and is proud to have developed long standing relationships with many of our clients over the years. Please take a look at Carolyn's Linkedin profile for more. 

The Eledecks portal

The Eledecks HR portal is owned and built by Eledecks Limited, founded in 2004. Hundreds of SMEs and thousands of staff trust Eledecks Portal for managing personnel records, contracts & policies, leave requests, starters and leavers and much more.


Security is a priority and we were the first to launch two factor authentication, in fact the Eledecks Portal is the only one to offer 2FA to small business, so together with its built-in GDPR deck, the Eledecks portal provides your small business with instant compliance as standard.

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