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e-signatures closes the compliance loop

#Contracts need signing. That's a fact and as our product development team launched e-signatures earlier this year, managers using the portal can now get HR paperwork signed in a timely manner without leaving the portal.

One of the biggest benefits is knowing that if you are ever asked for a signed copy of that important staff contract, it will take only a couple of minutes to find it on your portal account and produce a signature certificate showing the date and time it was signed by the employee.

The #Document Signatures Deck is a slam dunk solution for busy managers and is useful for managing contracts, training documents and standard operating procedures… actually, it’s perfect for any document that requires proof of receipt and response by a member of staff.

In this article you will find out….

  1. How Document Signatures works and what’s included

  2. How you can subscribe and how much it costs

  3. The benefits of using Document Signatures

If you already use the Portal for GDPR compliant storage of staff contracts and other HR documents it’s a small step to subscribe to Document Signatures and automate this final step of the process to guarantee compliance.

How Document #Signatures works

  • Before sending to staff, select a document template for signature and add a covering note for recipients

  • Click to mail-merge with Personnel Files data as usual

  • Publish (send) documents to online personnel dashboards for staff to sign or reject with reasons if appropriate

  • Track and record real time opens, signatures and responses from the Manager Dashboard

  • Click to send prompts if staff don’t respond

  • Receive signature status updates via mobile in iOS and Android

  • Keep a time stamped record of issued and signed returns and easily audit rejected documents

  • Keep an electronic copy in the employee’s file as well as in Document Manager.

  • The full audit certificate can be printed off when needed to settle disputes (staff can also access a copy of this certificate on their personnel dashboard).

All these steps can be done within minutes on the Portal. It takes just a few clicks. It’s amazing the time it saves and the peace of mind it gives managers knowing that the compliance loop is closed.

You can easily subscribe to this new Deck by logging in to your account, navigating to the top menu and clicking on the document icon near your profile photo. Then select Document Signatures to add the Deck and follow the prompts to upgrade your monthly subscription. When you click to purchase this Deck we automatically email your new subscription details for your approval. It's important to open and accept the invitation if you wish to complete the upgrade.

Document Signatures saves time and money by:

  • Reducing the cost of resources required to manage document signatures and

  • Reducing the risk of human errors and the costs which flow from them.

As a quick recap, here is a list of jobs the person responsible for HR administration will do in order to get your staff contracts and employment policies issued to staff.

  1. Update staff records

  2. Mail merge the master contracts with staff data

  3. Issue copies of the mail merged contracts

  4. Collate signed returns

  5. Log and respond to objections

  6. Securely store the signed documents

  7. Chase up absentees and ensure staff on leave don’t get overlooked

  8. Remember to review and update the master document at regular intervals

We estimate that it takes a full 8 hours to manage the essential parts of the document signing process for even a handful of employees (such as printing, posting, checking and filing returns, monitoring progress, replying to questions and objections, plus auditing and storing signed returns). This makes the cost of the Deck subscription excellent value.

The Portal automates 80% of this work so you can see why it makes sense to subscribe to the new Document Signatures Deck.

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