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New Deck releases

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Our community of business managers and expert advisors are always pleased to hear about newly released staff management compliance tools to help them collaborate and do their jobs as efficiently as possible. And, although we issue bulletins when a new release occurs, sometimes it’s handy to have a round up of all those launched on the portal in the last 18 months so here it is...

E-SIGNATURES – new release A sure-fire way to complete the compliance circle when issuing documents to staff is this e-signatures deck. Simply mark a document for signature and send it to the member of staff via their Personnel Dashboard. Keep track of activity with #signature reports to mobile.

TEAMS – newly added feature This is a new feature to help managers group and track employees who are working together on projects but may not all be in the same department. Once you’ve done this you can pull reports about their HR and compliance activity as a team.

GDPR for SARs – new release The #GDPR Deck is a Key Deck which means it’s free so it would be crazy not to use it! After all it satisfies what could be classed as the most important GDPR regulation of all for employers…. and that is ‘offering a compliant system for logging and managing employee subject access requests’. Just login to your dashboard, select GDPR from the navigation menu on the left and follow the checklist to launch your in house SAR system. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to be SAR/GDPR compliant and the ICO will probably give you a round of applause.

MANAGERS APP – new release If you haven’t downloaded your Managers’ App yet it’s time to head over to iTunes for iOS and the Play Store for Android phones, search for ‘Eledecks’ and download the #ManagersApp – (it has the green version of our logo). Then login and start receiving notifications to mobile. Simple!

EMPLOYEE APP – app refresh  We’ve also refreshed the interface on the #EmployeeApp so if you haven’t seen the new version it’s time to download the new one. Same drill as above, but choose the employee version of the app (with the black version of our logo.)

SALARY & JOB HISTORY TRACKING – added functionality A couple of tweaks that we added for users who dropped us a line suggesting this useful addition to Personnel Files. (Keep the suggestions coming).

ACTIVITY CENTRE – new release One of the trends in HR is to spread the load and give department and team managers some compliance responsibility for their direct reports. However, it can be scary if you don’t know whether delegated work is being done correctly. #ActivityCentre keeps track of all that and is the ideal tool for supporting managers to step up and deal with routine compliance work.

CHAT & TICKETING – new partnership Eledecks has partnered with @HappyFox to give users more convenient ways to ask for technical help. If you are on the portal, just start an online chat, and even if we can’t answer immediately, you can create a ticket before you leave the site and we will follow up.

SUPPORT CENTRE – new release Regular users will already have discovered this new self-help resource as we put it in poll position the dashboard, but for those who haven’t seen it yet and ever need help when using a Deck just click the question mark and bingo! P.S. We are always adding to the #SupportCentre resource so please let us know if there are areas missing which you would like to see included.

Happy to help. If you need any help unlocking the value of your account, learning how to use its features or taking a peek at new Decks just let us know. You can chat to us online or drop an email to

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