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Mobile apps - HR can't live without them

The latest versions of our #mobile HR apps have now been released for iOS and Android which is good news if you manage people and want employees to know when you send them contracts and other documents and if you like the idea of increasing productivity. These mobile HR apps are part of the Portal GO package from Eledecks so business managers and their staff can access them for free forever.

The Managers and Employee HR apps come as a pair and can immediately streamline your HR admin work because they enable managers and staff to handle most of their core HR admin processes on one platform. Features depend on whether you subscribe to Portal GO or upgrade to Portal Plus. Get in touch with us for plan details.

Mobile HR apps can engage staff

Mobile apps are practical additions to the HR stack for office staff and as explained in this article by Mark Feffer for engaging deskless workers or those who often work out on site.

Proof that employees use mobile HR apps

We are all using mobile apps these days so it's a given that your staff will welcome them, but if you like to read reassuring research statistics here is an authoritative sound bit from Deloitte which reports that “over the next week, the tens of millions of smartphone owners in the UK are very likely to spend in excess of one billion hours on their devices. Average usage per day is 148 minutes. The way in which this time is spent will span a range of activity from productivity tasks to work communications, from self-improvement to self-promotion, to finding one’s way via GPS or a self-help guide.” All this confirms that whatever your workforce demographic, they are bound to welcome an app that helps them streamline their HR communications.

Popular FAQs

How do we access Eledecks mobile HR apps?

1. Set up a free Portal GO account which is the free starter version of our software package.

2. Login and get started by uploading your personnel records and creating some manager accounts (we show you how when you login – it’s very straightforward.)

3. Give employees access by sending them login details (this takes no more than a couple of minutes) and off you go!

Which functions are included on Eledecks mobile apps?

The Managers mobile HR app is a seamless experience between the user’s online dashboard and mobile phone which means that whatever tools you give managers on the full site will be available to them on the app. Plus they have access to colleagues and advisors via the app.

The Employees mobile HR app for non-managerial staff is dedicated to managing contact details and documents. If you want staff to access more HR processes through the mobile app just upgrade to a paid subscription, for example staff could use the Employee mobile app to request leave and check holiday allowance and rotas. This means staff can book holiday leave from the comfort of their sofas rather than taking up time during working hours.

These requests go straight to mangers for approval/rejection. Automated mobile notifications can be sent daily so no need to keep checking emails or logging in to check desktop bulletins.

Are rotas notified to mobile apps?

#Rotas can be managed on desktop as part of the Attendance Management Deck and if you use rotas for planning shifts the #Notifications Centre will send an alert to relevant employee accounts on mobile to keep the employees informed. Changes to rotas will also be notified by mobile.

What is in the dev pipeline for Eledecks mobile HR apps?

We plan to add a company noticeboard which will enable businesses to publish events and company news on the app. This fits with our vision that the employee mobile HR app will have an intranet style impact. It will be a great addition and will give businesses of all sizes the advantages usually only available to large corporates.

We also plan to give employees access to their #payslips via their mobile app by summer 2020. This will be available to those businesses using our payroll software.

Our mobile HR apps will continue to evolve with technology developments but you don’t have to give employees access to all the new releases when they happen. It’s up to employers which permissions they give staff.

What does the employee app look like?

Look and feel is extremely important to user adoption so we’ve made sure the interface is great to look at. Don’t be persuaded to downgrade this aspect just because your Finance Director isn’t interested in the mobile’s pretty face. Remember, it is difficult to quantify the value of look and feel until you roll it out to users. Your teams will either love or hate a user interface from the minute they start using it so it is key to the successful roll out and take up by your team.

That’s why we have invested heavily in optimising the user experience and why ours has a social media feel and intuitive layout. We are continually told that the Eledecks HR Portal is user friendly and easy to navigate and the same goes for the app.

Will my team find the system easy to use?

Managers and staff will be greeted with plenty of support when they login. We provide on-screen tours, user guides and Support Centre materials, plus videos and Live Chat with our Technical Help Team so you and your managers are never alone!

Our customer support is a priority because we know how infuriating it is to be left twiddling your thumbs or tearing your hair out. We make every effort to give our customers a way to access the help they need when they need it most.

Are there any disadvantages to mobile HR apps?

We can’t think of any!

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