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HR votes for online leave management

Whenever we research the tools HR can’t do without, online #attendance management is at the top of the list. It’ no surprise that HR managers look for a reliable solution to this essential HR process because there is no escaping leave management. I mean, your staff are not going to forget about it are they!

However, what is included in your 'attendance' management system will depend on the system you select. Eledecks covers all of the components except clocking in which is a stand alone system and one that we can integrate with if a client needs it. Eledecks includes a robust system for managing staff holidays and all other types of leave. It keeps your employees informed about their leave entitlement and remaining holidays and allows them to login to their dashboard to make leave requests. Managers can handle these requests from their dashboards too so the process is much more efficient than using paper or spreadsheets.

This work has to be done as part of your HR routine, and can lead to lots of problems if mistakes are made logging the data or interpreting the company rules. Some have been quicker to switch to online systems than others but it’s never too late to get started.

Take a look at this list and find out how you could benefit by using the portal's online attendance management to avoid the pitfalls of your manual systems.  

1. Accurate Information and Instant Reports

A major advantage of using the portal’s leave management system is that it provides you and your colleagues with accurate information about leave trends and balances not only across your company, but also in departments and teams*. This can help you predict which HR resources will be available at any point and is very useful for planning and communications.

You can quickly pull all the relevant data about an employee’s leave on to your screen when considering a leave request or dealing with a disciplinary issue. Whether it’s family friendly leave, sickness or holiday, you can instantly see all the details on calendar or list view and read the reasons given or view an audit of who approved the leave and on what date etc.

2. Reliable Compliance and Fairness

The lack of knowledge about your leave policy or an undisciplined approach to applying for or granting leave by some staff and managers can lead to your policy rules not being followed. This can cause chaos and arguments at best and at worst it can lead to disputes and tribunal.

Instead, you will get compliance under control by applying your rules as a matter of routine with the Attendance Management Deck and you can still override rules if necessary to make permitted exceptions to the rule. 

3. Save Time and Introduce Precision

The question of how much leave an employee has left usually takes a manager or HR admin time to calculate and answer. Online leave management makes it easy to find the precise answer in just a click of the mouse so managers can’t get it wrong.

Allow staff to check their leave record and holiday balance as well as apply for leave on their mobile phones or tablets in their own time rather than using working time, so even more costs are saved.

Managers get notifications to email and mobile when new requests are submitted and staff are kept informed when their leave request is processed.  Also, HR can manually add block leave for public holidays, training events or shutdowns. All these features translate into increased productivity and efficiency gains.

4. Multi-location Management

Multi-site locations generate a lot of leave requests which means paper can fall like confetti on HR’s desk. A robust online leave management system eliminates the problems overnight. The need to physically or electronically submit requests by envelope or email is entirely replaced and everyone simply logs into their account to input and manage leave.

You can also use Capacity Planner to see how many job types will be at work at any time on any particular site which lowers the risk that a location will be under-staffed on any given day.

5. Improves Discipline

When attendance and leave days are tracked accurately, it helps maintain discipline in your organisation and investigations can reliably be evidenced by instant reports and audit trails exported from the portal.  Managers often tell me they like the fact they can locate accurate data minutes before walking in to an important meeting. The kind of data that would have taken hours to extract from spreadsheets. 

Features at-a-glance

  1. Leave management system on manager and staff dashboards

  2. Contracted hours templates compatible with a wide range of working patterns including schools, flexible and zero hours

  3. Intelligent Rota Management monitors and alerts when overtime hours are planned

  4. Intelligent Capacity Planner monitors workforce patterns and highlights forecast gaps

  5. Absence alerts to monitor excessive sickness absence including Bradford Factor

  6. Integrated with Personnel Files and our Payroll software which offers expenses reporting

  7. View and export a wide range of detailed reports

  8. At a glance department performance

Discover peace of mind knowing your leave management is being dealt with by a reliable system that gives you 100% compliance and visibility at all times and is available to you, your managers and staff on desktop, iOS or Android devices 24/7. Making the decision to use an online leave management system is easy because it not only makes financial sense and fosters good staff relationships but also improves communications. We know you will love Attendance Management. There are 5 great reasons why it’s our most popular deck.

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Jun 22, 2020

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